Character News Myra Podcast 01

Myra El-Bayoumi speaks to the podcast How Brands are Built

  • December 2, 2019

Character Head of Strategy Myra El-Bayoumi speaks to the podcast How Brands Are Built about leading the studio’s strategy efforts, her prior experience at ”the big shops,” and how to blow up the creative process to better solve client problems.


Client Press

Visby Medical's test for COVID-19 receives authorization from the FDA


Client Press

Oura outfits ER workers in SF for early Covid-19 detection

Character Press

From farmers to vendors to restaurants, the people behind The Bay’s hospitality industry make it world-class.

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Fatherly highlights Legacy as an accessible, direct-to-consumer option for sperm testing

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Rolling Stone nods to the beauty of Tempo’s futuristic, in-home exercise studio


Client Press

Spin launches a new gen scooter and expands to 100 cities and campuses