Bay Area Hospitality Coalition: Behind a Brand Launch

  • by Barb Langfitt
  • October 15, 2020

The Bay Area Hospitality Coalition is a group of hospitality workers in Northern California responding to COVID-19 disruptions. Character worked to create a name, logomark, core messaging strategy, and website structure for the coalition. We spoke with chef Brandon Jew of Mister Jiu’s and Mamahuhu about the launch. His responses have been edited and condensed.

Brandon: Our group of chefs, operators, and hospitality workers had formed a group that needed to send a message of solidarity and support when we were given the shelter in place order. There was so much chaos at the time, having things organized to help funnel resources and information was important to us.

When we launched the website, it was a relief and a bright spot in symbolizing the efforts the core leadership of the hospitality group had achieved up to that point. The visual branding was bold, strong, and direct and helped us gain followers and supporters. We quickly had coalitions from other parts of the nation borrowing how we structurally set up the site. It was an easy way to share information with other coalitions.




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