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There’s always time for what you want.

Microwave cookware for every meal, any day

The home cookware space is full of innovation, and some over-engineered niches. When Meyer approached us about their latest brand and product, they stressed figuring out how to avoid it all. So we started with core insight: everyone has a microwave, but not everyone feels like they have time to cook the things they want. From that, a name presented itself: Anyday.

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Freeing your time can always be simple.

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Any way. Anyday

Getting people to take microwaves seriously isn’t the easiest job. For Anyday, we did by appealing to people’s sense of process and possibility. At the core of what we did, a single question became our north star: if it took X less minutes to cook their favorite dish, what else could our customers do with that free time? Through a playful logo and fresh, seasonally-inspired colors, Anyday invites customers to consider that there’s so much more to the microwave oven than reheating pre-made and pre-packaged food. Our lifestyle-oriented art direction grounds these invitations in real-life moments, helping consumers visualize what they could be doing when they’re not losing time to prepping meals.

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What would you do with your free time?

While the product is a hero in our imagery, it’s not the hero—we ensured that a variety of stories could be told, centering the customer experience of freedom, creativity, and memory-making. Bringing these moments together in brand guidelines, we found that Anyday was ready to help even the most stubborn cook find joy, and more free time, in trying a new way to make what they loved.

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The microwave is an amazing machine. I joke but I don’t joke, it’s a machine from the future here in present day, and people look at it like it’s Satan or something.

David Chang
Momofuku Restaurant Group

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Dinner with a side of free time.

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It’s not about finding time. It’s about freeing it completely.

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