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When it comes to vitamins, it’s always personal.

Choosing a future

With so much of our culture being focused on wellness, people know they need better supplements. But not many know how to find them. Starting from scratch, Care/of came to us—prepared to deliver a solution but paralyzed by the endless approaches available to them. Through a personally adaptive model, Care/of marries flexibility and ease of use in a fresh way that people can easily understand and enjoy. Together, we imagined a brand that found power in focus.

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Reconnecting with nutrition

With a chorus of other voices in the vitamin space, Care/of had to mean it when it said it believed in truly personal solutions. To do so, we set out to functionally and emotionally change people’s relationship with nutrition. By going beyond simply fulfilling a nutritional need, we had permission to build a brand that embodied a confident, caring curator—simple, vibrant, perceptive, and sophisticated. It was everything Care/of stood for and allowed them to breathe fresh air into the vitamin space. To make nutrition powerful by making it personal.

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we set out to functionally and emotionally changing people’s relationship with nutrition.