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Opening the door to personal growth.

The best work of your life will be on yourself

Self-care is a phrase that’s been co-opted. Curated until it’s curdled into being synonymous with crystals and ‘treat yo self’ memes. Coa is taking it back. Transforming self-care into the active, intentional endeavor of mental fitness, while also creating the insightful, physical space needed to pursue it.

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A natural connection

Creating a brand that captures Coa’s vision, our visual identity brings to life the action that occurs when individuals walk through our archway and work together to pursue their best selves. Individual shapes transform when they collaborate. New, warm, natural colors emerge from that collaboration. And an inherent strength is conveyed from the layering of the colors––signifying a stronger self that comes to life through the process of therapy.

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Two feet on the ground

Developing the art direction for Coa, people mattered. Their expressions, their mannerisms, the setting all would be telling a story about their mental health. We centered portraits outdoors. In that setting we could connect individuals to the natural intent in our visual identity and illustrate them feeling more grounded, optimistic, and present in their day. Group photography conveys connection, that give and take in relationships––how solid mental health allows us to engage more in the world.

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Why is therapy worth doing? Is it just that it will make you happier? No. But it will drastically increase the depth and authenticity of your happiness. And it will honor the cathartic beauty of your sadness. And it will make the profoundly necessary space for every feeling in between.

Dr, Emily Anhalt
Coa’s Co-founder & Chief Clinical Officer

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