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Meditation made for modern life.

Flexing our minds

“Mindfulness” probably conjures up kitschy images of CEOs on retreats in far away places. Core Wellness wanted to change that, because they believe in mental health as an irreplaceable exercise in our everyday lives. So we got the message out by building a brand that championed humanity, practicality, and empathy—mirroring the best meditation has to offer while staying focused on actual practice and results.

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Building a mental treadmill

We grounded Core Wellness in the idea that strength always comes from within; and that self-care is a powerful act unto itself that requires practice and focus, just like physical fitness. This informed how they speak—with inspiration, boldness, empathy, and a characteristic realness that protected the brand from sounding like a generic “wellness” Instagram account.

A focus on calming earth tones, circular shapes, and intriguing but balanced imagery tied these concepts together, resulting in a system that felt conducive to the mental fitness Core offers to modern life.

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We grounded Core Wellness in the idea that strength always comes from within.

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There is no destination. Only progress.

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