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Ordering up possibilities.

More than a late night snack

It’s easy to deliver food. Well, that’s not true: it’s incredibly hard. But, it’s even harder to deliver on a message that transcends the simple “I want tacos” scenario. We knew that, if DoorDash were to continue to evolve, it needed to reach for something more purposeful. In collaboration, we steered the brand towards fulfillment that went beyond a successful delivery, and extended to what the company’s network could enable in local businesses, dashers and diners alike.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Verbal Identity System
  • Visual Identity System
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Brand System Guidelines
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A higher order promise

Flipping the script on the app-based delivery space meant focusing on the idea of potential—whether it’s an order, dasher, restaurant, or customer, Doordash enables things and moments that weren’t possible otherwise. This means thoughtfulness, boldness, optimism, relentlessness and humility had to permeate every corner of the brand. Because when we’re helping people achieve their dreams, we have to be just as committed as they are. This new perspective lived in a universe of juxtapositions and colors that captured the candid and the relatable. In this system, we showcased that technology may be the means to many ends, but the ends themselves were always human experiences.

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Flipping the script on the app-based delivery space meant focusing on the idea of potential

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