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Making better connections.

Making better connections.

“Having good home internet” can often feel like an oxymoron—sometimes you have the speeds you want, in the rooms you want. But sometimes, you just don’t. Eero engineered an amazing suite of routers and extenders to fix the problem, bringing fast connections to every inch of your home. But, they needed to tell an equally amazing story to share with the world. So we wrote a benefits-based tale together, that simplified the web experience and helped introduce their newest addition: Beacon.

  • Website Design & Copy
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Product Positioning
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Humanizing the technology.

Most people can’t tell you the difference between different kinds of bandwidth frequencies, but everyone can tell when their speeds aren’t what they should be. With Eero, we honored this simple paradigm by centering concepts everyone understands, like connectivity, simplicity, and sharing. This helped us condense Eero’s previously information-dense website into a more digestible and convincing platform that championed their products without endlessly listing out features. When it was all said and done, we built a space that connected great people to great experiences, just like Eero’s products.

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