Come as you are.

JVN exists to champion your beauty. And your hair.

We know that the beauty industry has left a lot of people behind, especially in hair care. And for far too long, it also didn’t care what impact it left behind on the planet. JVN exists to change that through clean, high-performing hair care that helps people define their beauty without harming the environment. As their partner, we collaborated to launch a brand that represented the values of JVN the brand and JVN the founder: a de-gendered, effective, clean hair care brand that serves all individuals.

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Truly effective haircare, backed by science, made with you and the planet
in mind.

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The world wasn’t always made for your beauty.

It didn’t always make jeans that easily pleased your beautiful bum. Didn’t create shades to flawlessly match your faultless skin. Didn’t recommend things for your gorgeous hair that let it breathe—let alone shine in 
all its glory.

Sometimes, that made you feel less gorgeous. A little more focused on making yourself look more like others, instead of yourself.

A little less eager to wear your hair natural. Or correct assumptions about who you are based on how you present that day.

But things are changing. 
And these changes aren’t a trend, or some cool new fad 
to follow. They’re reinventing the world you live in.

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​​Start with science, always.

​​With a formula-first approach, JVN hair care does just that—care for your hair. That means using clean ingredients that work with every hair type to formulate products that are proven to be effective. We brought JVN’s commitment to science to life through creative such as macro shots and swatches that hero ingredients and bold copy written in an insightful voice.

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​​Honor each person’s uniqueness.

​​Yes, it starts with science. But science that works for everyone. JVN would not be JVN without infectious positivity and a welcoming sense of community. That’s why our creative is grounded in inclusivity—not only in one’s identity, but in one’s mood, one’s hair type, one’s hair goals, even one’s hair day. Come as you are, JVN’s brand line encapsulates this perfectly while the visual identity mirrors the sentiment with bold colors, an elevated yet dreamy vibe, and representative casting.

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​​Jonathan Van Ness

​​Before he was an author, podcaster, and TV personality, Jonathan Van Ness was a professional hairstylist working between Los Angeles and New York. Using his platform, Jonathan now brings his unique blend of inclusivity, self-care, and positivity to the haircare industry so that everyone can be their most gorgeous self.

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​​Champion care for people
and the planet.

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