Ensuring the other half of the fertility equation.

Meeting men wherever they are.

Biological clock is a gendered term. It’s a symbol of the one-sided conversation that has traditionally—and wrongly—treated fertility as a woman’s issue. Legacy has started the other half of that dialogue. By calling men to the table, they’re helping fathers and aspiring parents understand and protect their role in creating life with from-home sperm testing and cryostorage. And as their partner, it was our role to eliminate the taboo around male fertility—to make every man feel welcome.

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Writing the next chapter.

Asking men to come as they are means offering answers before they even know what to ask. Our logomark reflects this willingness to guide—a north star that allows men to chart their own paths to fatherhood. And it also means seeing them where they are, focusing on individual portraits and timelines that tell personal stories about each unique journey.

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The universal language of fatherhood.

There are very few things that connect half of the people on Earth. In fact, there’s just one thing that transcends every difference between any two men around the world—fatherhood. So that’s what we used as our anchor, letting all the expectations and preconceptions fall away to welcome everyone in. You don’t have to be ready. You don’t have to be in your 30’s. You don’t have to own a house, or be married, or drive a certain kind of car. You just have to be you, as you are, today—a man who understands just how important fatherhood is.

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