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A more welcoming home.

What makes a house a home?

Ask someone in your life and they’ll talk about the loved ones who pass through their door everyday. But ask the tech in your home and you’ll hear a different answer every time—the right music, adaptive heating, drapes that draw themselves. The fact is, “smart” technology only knows what it’s taught, and today’s lessons preach function over purpose.

Level is eliminating this disconnect between us and our connected devices by teaching everything they design to put people first.

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Seeing the everyday differently

As Level’s partner since day one, we helped them architect their story from the ground up to introduce our lives to a new definition of “smart”—truly thoughtful technology built around those who make a house a home.

Shifting the focus from what tech does to who it’s made for meant adopting a fresh design process, one beginning long before pen touches paper. We call it “square zero”, the space before assumptions where Level sees what matters—families, friends, and loved ones doing the things they do every day, in the place they feel their happiest.

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Same you, same keys, same lock, and a world of new ways to say, ‘Welcome home.’

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Living square zero

And just as it inspires their work, this blank-slate mentality sparked ours. From their name to communication grounded in the lives that people lives today, Level always understands the “before” and works to improve that, on your terms. Because tech that’s built for us doesn’t ask us, or our homes, to change. It just works. And that’s when we feel the most welcome.

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Introducing Level Lock

Level’s introduction to today’s homes is starting in the place we’re used to welcoming things in—the entryway. Their first product, the Level Lock, is the first invisible smart lock that fits right into the deadbolt you already have (and, of course, the life you already live). Bringing the power of “welcome” to our phones meant designing an inviting app experience that felt like opening your door to the ones you love. Because a key doesn’t define where we belong.

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Level Lock lives seamlessly inside the deadbolt you already have.

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