Rethink the lifecycle of gear.

Meet lululemon Like New.

The world needs to act now to create a more sustainable future. We partnered with lululemon to bring their new recommerce program to life, so that anyone can choose better for the planet and rediscover gear. We started with building the foundation of the brand through naming and a visual identity system. Then we figured out the best campaign approach to introduce it to the world. And we built the long-lasting components — a packaging system and the website.

  • Naming
  • Visual Identity System
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Website Design & Copy
  • Video & Production
  • Motion Design
  • Brand System Guidelines
  • Packaging System
  • Campaign
  • Print Collateral
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Rethink. Revive. Rediscover.

Since the program had a three step process, we wanted to evoke the reduce, reuse, recycle format for our campaign. By taking a familiar phrase, but putting our own twist on it, we knew it would not only catch consumer’s eyes but also be easily understandable.

We created assets for each step of the process, as well as the program as a whole, in order to reach the most people. Whether it’s on Instagram, or a package in the hallway, we ensured every touchpoint added to the program’s success.

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Building towards a circular ecosystem.

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Gear that has a longer life means lower impact.

Buying lululemon Like New or trading in lululemon gear is one action that can help reduce carbon, waste, and water, minimizing environmental impact on the planet. For example, buying a pair of Wunder Unders or ABC Joggers on lululemon Like New (instead of brand new) can save up to 50% of the carbon footprint or 310 grams of waste.

How do we bring that into our design system? We lean into circularity as a visual element. From billboards, to social media assets, each placement drove home the idea that it’s not only a good choice for you, but also a better choice for the planet.

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