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An easier way to embrace healthier living.

A fresh spin

In 2002, the Nutribullet ruled kitchens as the fastest selling kitchen appliance in the US. But as time passed and counter space grew thin, America’s blender found itself fighting for a place in a new generation of households, each increasingly focused on health and fitness. Ready to reclaim their spot in our homes, Nutribullet partnered with us to refresh a successful brand with an unshakeable, uncomplicated ethos—healthy living starts with simple steps.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Nomenclature
  • Verbal Identity System
  • Visual Identity System
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Brand System Guidelines
  • Website Design & Copy
  • Packaging System
  • Print Collateral
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The little ingredients

Clarity. Empathy. Relatability. That’s what motivates daily action, not gimmicks and splashy language. So we kept it simple, blending these principles into the identity of the new Nutribullet brand. First, through a voice that felt true to Nutribullet’s core, with the inspirational, optimistic, and down-to-earth timbre of a friendly neighbor.

Then, with a conversational visual language driven by simplicity and livened by a bright palette of mmmm-that-looks-delicious colors. These ingredients nourish the new web experience, with clean imagery and direct writing championing the little things—a reminder that our healthiest self is the perfect blend of many wonderfully small details.

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Our healthiest self is the perfect blend of many wonderfully small details.

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— Clarity. Empathy. Relatability. That’s what motivates daily action.

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