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Charting the next frontier of medicine.

Restoring our bodies’ natural abilities

Bacteria doesn’t have a great brand. When it comes up, we either think, “Get antibiotics ASAP” or “What is this new supplement trend?”. But our bodies actually need bacteria—the right bacteria—to manage chronic health issues naturally. That’s where Pendulum comes in. As their partner, we worked to help tell their trailblazing story—using new sequencing technology to map our microbiomes and fundamentally change the way we understand the role bacteria plays in our health.

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An essential relationship

Bringing exacting science to the microbiome is more than a matter of personal wellbeing. It’s a medical revolution. This foundational idea oriented our work, shedding the name Whole Biome for Pendulum—a word that stands out proudly in the microbiome space and represents the constant harmony between the body and the bacteria it needs. It also directed our design choices, using transparent and organic forms to show both Pendulum’s scientific backing and how they are transforming medicine today.

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Deepening the story

The story of the microbiome is a human story—one that’s been there since the beginning. So when Pendulum speaks, they approach each message like an archaeologist—driven to find answers, boldly sharing discoveries, and open to seeing the potential of helping people. This voice adapts based on who’s listening, ensuring that the curious, pioneering spirit always hits home.

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The story of the microbiome is a human story—one that’s been there since the beginning.

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