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The future of medicine lies in a foundation of human health.

Restoring our bodies’ natural abilities

Bacteria doesn’t have a great brand. When it comes up, we either think, “Get antibiotics ASAP” or “What is this new supplement trend?” Pendulum is eliminating the confusion. By leveraging new sequencing technology, they’re illustrating how bacteria restores our bodies’ natural abilities to manage chronic health issues.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Category Definition
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity System
  • Visual Identity System
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Brand System Guidelines
Pendulum 02 Brand Identity
Pendulum 03 Brand Identity
An essential relationship

Pendulum uses the exacting nature of science to harness the relationship between the human body and the microbiome—revolutionizing medicine today. This positioning anchored each brand touchpoint. Starting with naming, the word pendulum perfectly encompassed the goal of the brand—bringing continuous harmony between the body and the microbiome. Less literal, this insight is poetically thread through our visual identity, shown in how organic forms come to life through a sophisticated, scientific design system.

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Pendulum 06 Brand Identity
Deepening the story

The story of the microbiome is a human story—that’s been there since the beginning. Hence, the persona that leads our verbal identity is The Archaeologist. Driven to find answers, boldly sharing discoveries, and open to seeing the potential of helping people. Our voice modulates with distinct messages to our consumer and corporate audiences, respectively. With corporate messages we speak to our place within health innovation, research, etc. While our consumer messages speak directly to how Pendulum can positively impact your individual health, starting with the brand’s first diabetes management-centric product.

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The story of the microbiome is a human story—that’s been there since the beginning.

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