Projector 01 Brand Identity Reel
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Creativity is for everyone.

From mind’s eye—to blowing minds.

We all have incredible stories and passions that we want to bring to life. However, getting a creative pursuit out in the world can be tough, especially when you don’t feel like you have the craft, community, or tools to do it.

Enter Projector. A creative platform that empowers everyone with the design skills necessary to propel their pursuit, along with the inspiration and guidance needed to create stories that truly captivate an audience.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Verbal Identity System
  • Visual Identity System
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Website Design & Copy
  • Brand System Guidelines
  • Sound Design
  • Motion Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Execution
  • Template Development
Projector 02 Brand Identity
Projector 03 Brand Identity Logo Animation
A platform to build your passions on.

Projector is a robust, immersive space that equips you to easily design from the ground up or reach for inspiration with graphic templates that speak to a variety of professions. Teachers can find presentations for class, small businesses can discover a variety of marketing materials, business development folks can add vibrant imagery to their usual staid slide options.

From adding GIFs to tinting photographs, every Projector user can feel confident in personalizing templates with a litany of easy-to-use tools at their fingertips.

Projector 04 Brand Identity
Projector 05 Brand Identity
Projector 06 Brand Identity
Projector 07 Brand Identity Color
Projector 08 Brand Identity Homepage
Projector 09 Social Media Phone Single
Create to captivate.

Projector lives in a wild universe called the internet, so we wanted to take up space in a way that made all scrolling stop. Like a vibrant, small press magazine that’s so beautiful you want to dive right in, our visuals are arrestingly graphic, with unexpected reveals, while our words convey this as a space that will empower, excite, and stroke the creative fire of not just the uber talented or the super internetty—but everyone who wants to convey their story to the world.

Projector 10 Social Media Stories
Projector 11 Social Media Make It Personal
Projector 12 Social Media Idea
Projector 13 Social Media
Projector 14 Project Templates
Lights, camera, Projector.

Projector didn’t come to us fully formed. And to build the templates library and the entire branding system, we had to have a solid positioning to anchor our work on. To do this, we discovered that Projector is not the star of the show, but the ultimate champion/support system for others. It exists for—your ideas, projected. And just like a theatre projector does for movies on an IMAX screen, the stories Projector users create should always be the star of the show.

Projector 15 Project Templates Intro
Projector 16 Project Templates Climate Action
Projector 17 Project Templates Photography
Projector 18 Project Templates Coral Reefs
Projector 19 Project Templates Ambient FM
Projector 20 Project Templates Exhibit