Rothys 01 Brand Identity

From cult following to classic mainstay.

The beginning

By transforming a bottle into something beautiful, Rothy’s has been making a sustainable splash in women’s footwear since their inception in 2016. And while comfort and style continue to set their shoes apart, Rothy’s partnered with us to tell a bigger story, one that goes beyond what they make to why they make it. Together, we built something that allowed people to see Rothy’s unique perspective—to truly walk in their shoes.

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Looking beyond the shoes

Finding the right fit started with digging into the purpose behind their unrivaled sustainability. At its core, radically sustainable production is how Rothy’s creates something deserving of their reason for success—the women that wear the shoes. Living their true purpose meant anchoring the brand around today’s women and their power to choose a better alternative, full of style, comfort, sustainability, and joy.

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Living their true purpose meant anchoring the brand around today’s women and their power to choose.

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Walking in her footsteps

By focusing on the women in the shoes, we started to see movement—from home to work, and play, and back again. We saw confidence, a sense of delight, the transformative ideals that led them to choose Rothy’s as their constant companion. And by amplifying the energy and warmth in the Rothy’s voice, we matched the vitality that allows each pair to carry us through our day.

Our visual language continues to celebrate the big, proactive strides today’s women take in charting their own path. Centered around the workshop, we speak to the way today’s women drive Rothy’s to create and iterate, constantly inspiring the creative process and being inspired by what comes out. From playful color to the imperfection of hand-drawn illustrations, the fluidity and creativity of this constant dialogue jump forth. The result is a system that’s something simple and centrally Rothy’s—human.

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Fluidity and creativity jump forth, resulting in something that’s simple and centrally Rothy’s—human.

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