Super heroic 1 brand identity

For playground use only.

Power Up

Ask any kid anywhere—becoming a hero is as simple as sliding on the right outfit. Former Nike Jordan brand design director Jason Mayden started Super Heroic with this in mind, making children’s footwear that inspires kids to get outside, explore, and experience that invincible feeling of play. Our role—design a shoe unboxing experience unlike any other, one that feels like meeting your superpowers for the first time.

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Unboxing imagination

Children have two things in infinite quantities—energy and imagination. So instead of trying to wrangle those forces into a packaging experience, we unleashed them. The “power cell” allows kids a chance to discover their new kicks, removing the core comic book-style to reveal the magic inside. And as this happens, a power-up sound effect echoes what our hero is already thinking—it’s time to be super.

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