Topology 01 Brand Identity

For every one face.

Seeing different

A good pair of glasses allows us to see the world clearly. The perfect pair sees us in vivid detail. Topology set out to design precise, custom-tailored eyewear that does just that—redefining what it means for our frames to fit us with a personalized process that calibrates each pair to 2,000 unique facial measurements. As their partner, we also zoomed in on all the small idiosyncrasies that make us unique, celebrating differences to make people feel excited about being their incomparable selves.

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Topology 02 Brand Identity
Topology 03 Brand Identity
A unique lens

Celebrating individuality starts by embracing variety. So when we thought about designing to suit Topology’s truly personal philosophy, we focused on flexibility over uniformity—colors that adapt to the seasons, expressive lines that emphasize uniqueness in each subject, dynamic textures, and even a logo capable of making a million different expressions. The result was a system with an “only yours” mentality, a tribute to the idea that what we all have in common is that we’re all different.

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