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The smartest person in the room shouldn’t be the only woman in the room.

Taking on the innovation gender gap

Women run the world. Women In Innovation (WIN) are making sure that offices and boardrooms everywhere finally reflect that truth. They’re forging a more equitable world through action, lifting women up through workshops that teach the skillsets needed to create a future where everyone’s talent can make an impact.

With rapid member growth and new chapters opening up in cities internationally, WIN partnered with us to build something representative of their busy present and bright future—a brand that energized members, intrigued non-members, and inspired sponsors, potential investors, and men, too.

  • Design Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Motion Design
  • Brand Guidelines
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Forged by all

WIN champions action, working every day to forge an equitable world for all to share. This powerful ethos of creation anchored the brand we built together, reverberating clearly in the way they speak and appear in the world. Their voice is assertive and disruptively skilled—inviting every person with smart, powerful commands while always illuminating what WIN wants to accomplish. And visually, they’re on a mission with a logo that never sleeps—urged on by a path that illustrates the myriad of ways we can forge new paths in innovation, together.

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