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Elevating opportunities for all communities.

Testing the sky’s limit

Automated, unmanned delivery is the future of a lot of things. But what started out as Google X’s drone delivery project became about something loftier—how redefining delivery could redefine how we connect neighborhoods, businesses, and people. Together, we helped the Wing team build something that explored this shared vision, defining how taking to the skies brings access to the people who need it most.

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Delivering the goods.

Wing 03 Brand Identity
Delivering the goods

Drone delivery can feel scary, gimmicky, magical, impossible. So instead of trying to over-explain drones, we championed the “why” instead of the “what,” focusing on the real human stories behind each delivery—the rural areas off the beaten path, the local businesses looking to better serve their customers.

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Asking why led us to a voice that was humble in its approach, earnest in its explanations, and excited about the prospect of serving communities in new ways. This paired perfectly with visuals that softened Wing’s engineering roots into something personable and friendly. In retooling the logo, providing a bit more color, and adding inviting characters via illustration, we delivered Wing from a functional drone delivery service into an experience that helps people spread their, well, wings.

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